Communicating with Parents

#ts8: Communicate effectively with parents with regard to pupils’ achievements and well-being.

Communicating with parents is an important matter. Having parents who support their children learning at home is important, Despite this, some parents may not be able to do this, as they may not have an understanding of what is being taught,. This is why booklets such as this Math’s one i created is important.

My Maths Booklet


The Math’s booklet for year 3, allows parents to become aware what their child is learning in school.


The booklet features advice for working out areas in Mathematics such as calculations and fractions.















“Through completing this piece of assessment, i learnt that there are many ways of effectively communicating with parents, besides just talking to parents on the playground, Such booklets are ones that can be used in each year group and for a wide range of subjects in order to allow parents to be involved in the learning processes. Having parents who are confident, o at least have an understanding on how math’s s carried out in the school, allows parents to support their children at home with homework, and allows them to make further progression in their learning. “




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