Kahoot! The Fun way to Assess.

Kahoot is a software that I first came across in my second year of University. From the moment I discovered it, I knew it would be a fantastic resource to use in the classroom and something that children can engage in.

Imagine this...

‘300 students are sat in a lecture hall early on a Tuesday morning. Kahoot comes on. The lecture hall is now a buzz of excitement,.As the quiz begins and students start getting answers right- those on the leader-board are giving yelps of excitement, there s chatter and excitement and a positive view of learning happening.’

We are all 20 years old or more. Imagine the effect his can have in the classroom with bunch of 8 year olds.

I have just returned from an 8 week placement in a year 4 class- I introduced Kahoot during a Science lesson on electricity. They loved it. They were engaged and involved in learning for 25 minutes!  Following this lesson I was constantly asked “Miss are we going to play that game” “Miss, when can we do another Kahoot” – The next time they saw Kahoot on the screen- that same excitement was created again and there were cheers in the classroom.

Kahoot with Formative and Summative assessment. 

Assessment is one of the most important aspects of teaching. It allows us to see the progress that children have made, there strengths, weaknesses ad allows us to plan the next steps in learning. Assessment is not just a test at the end of the topic. It is the daily understanding of how well children have grasped the concept you taught them during that lesson, their application of skills to an idea or challenge.

When I was in school- I often remember doing mini tests or sheets to fill in either at the end of a lesson or at the end of a topic in a certain subject- Science for example. Although I was able, I often found this boring. For me, when I was therefore introduced to Kahoot I knew it was a brilliant software that could be used in the classroom.

Why? – Well-IT’S SIMPLE!

Take that same test paper. Enter all the questions into Kahoot. You’ve gone from what could have been a boring lesson time has now been transformed into active learning, Children are engaged. The use of the leader bored means they are focusing. They want to see themselves on the leader-board! Kahoot has endless advantages;

  • Instant feedback- Children know within seconds if they are right or wrong. Furthermore it allows misconceptions to be addressed straight away. The table allows the class and teacher to visually see the number of people who answered which. The question answer can then be explained providing children with instant feedback.
  • Marking- The marking is done for you! Hellooooo… As teachers we are always               overloaded with marking.. so why shouldn’t we be celebrating a software that marks it all for you. Not only does it allow you to see overall class percentage, it gives you a detailed analysis of every child and every answer that they have given. Furthermore- what makes Kahoot evermore brilliant- it gives it to you all in one easy to read colour coded excel document you can just download and print off. Ting! 🙂
  • Interactive. Engaging. Fun. Visual.  
  • Adaptable to any subject, lesson or topic.
  • Open to all abilities– Something that i noticed about Kahoot is that it is suitable for all abilities. The simple design and layout means that all children are able to participate. What I would recommend is one or two sample questions with easier answers. – ie/ what number comes after 1. to ensure children understand how it works so that assessment is not effected by a misunderstanding of how to use the software.
  • Free– Yes! Kahoot is a free software, all you have to do is register and begin creating your own… Not enough time to create your own, then you are able to search from hundreds of quizzes already created. I promise you – you will find something that your looking for.
  • Multi device compatible- Windows, Mac, laptops, computers,  IPad, IPods- Kahoot is available for all devices, So no matter what devices your school have- It will work just the same across them all.

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