I have never been an arty person. EVER! When I decided that I wanted to become a teacher- displays were the one thing that scared me a little. I would be the one in charge of making those amazing displays in the classroom that I used to love seeing in my own classroom when I was a child. Some of the displays I remember being amazing- I had a tough job keeping up with them.


After a little bit of planning, the idea came to me. We created our own Brownie display. My first ever display!


But… then came Brownies. One big notice board.. and the creativeness. Little did I know, I am actually quite good at making displays and what more, it is something that I really enjoy doing.


What was important to me when making the display was that… it would not be filled with my work, but filled with space that would mean we could add things to it; work that the brownies had done at home, team points, pictures from trips, postcards, things that they have made at home as part of badge work.

Don’t get me wrong, there should still be things you as a teacher put up on a display board- our Brownie board for example had a badge sheet on, showing where Brownies were up to in their adventure journey. It was a work in progress. Sadly, we now no longer have this board as we have moved premises. I am so excited to make our new board come September.. this time, with no fear.

Displays in School

So what should a good display look like?IMG_2518

So Brownies meant that I was confident putting a display up, backing boards, using a staple gun- but what does a good display look like in a school setting?

TS2 is about allowing children to make progress. This can be done not only though effective teaching, but also through the resources around them in the classroom.

c) Guide pupils to reflect on the progress they have made and their emerging needs

An effective and well planned and structured display can do this. Not only can it reinforce pupils learning, but it can also aid to the learning of others- i.e displays in the corridors mean that other children can learn about other topics or ideas.




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