So much TS8!

Before I began my second year placement, my main target was to become actively involved within the school – as opposed to last year where I mainly worked with my own class.

Reflection– Now home from placement, reflecting on my target-this is something that I definitely achieved. Becoming involved in the school was something that I greatly enjoyed, and as a result of this my confidence was increased and I was able to obtain a whole range of wonderful experiences

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings ran every Tuesday night, and would be something that I attended. Whilst on placement a wide range of topics were covered.

  • Forest Schools
  • Learning Outside the Classroom (and how we can link such learning experiences with the curriculum)..
  • MyMaths
  • Networks
  • Assessment and Data Tracking

I found all of the staff meetings to be greatly beneficial. Not only did they secure knowledge and learning that I had gained at University, but it enabled me to gain a greater understanding of the school and of the wider areas outside of the class in which I was in.

Netball Club

netballMyself and  a fellow trainee whom I was on placement with, both sought out the opportunity to attend and help support a School Netball club for year 3 and year 4 pupils. This was something I found particularly enjoyable and beneficial- as up to here I had little experience of Physical Education and sport withing the school setting.  In week 7 of placement, along with the other trainee, we planned and taught our own Netball session using the structure of a typical PE lesson.

School Trips

Whilst on Placement- we were fortunate to attend some class trips not only with our won class, but also with other year groups.

  • Yr 4 trip to an elderly persons home– During the week before Easter, my class visited the local residential home where they performed a number of songs for the residents.
  • Year 3 trip to the infants-
  • Year 3 trip to the outdoor learning classroom- 
  • Swimming- 
  • Easter Service-


FAST (Families and School’s Together) 

The second Wednesday of placement we attended a FAST session after school. This session happened to be the FAST graduation.

“Families and Schools Together is an award-winning early-intervention programme which brings parents, children, teachers and the wider community together, to make sure children get the support they need to fulfil their potential at school – and in life. ” (FAST 2016). 

TS81FAST means that parents can be supported and helps children to make progress in their learning whilst developing that positive view of learning. Following on from attending the session, this was something that I was particularly interested in – especially the ideas and theory behind it, so I had a look on their website.

FAST is something that interests me, and relfecting on this, I think that it would be good
to visit session in the future and see bow it works. The session we attended was graduation and a celebration of the past 8 weeks. My aim is to see this in more schools over the next few years.

School Fayre

Week 2 of placement was the school’s Easter Fayre. This was run at the infants straight after school. I took this opportunity to 1 glittervolunteer and help out at one of the stalls. I spent the time working on the glitter tattoo stall. By doing so allowed me to meet many pupils across the school as well as staff in the infants school.


Communicating with parents

During placement, I communicated with parents on two occasions, informing them about the well-being of the child. i.e) clip-art-family-talkingFlossie fell over today in school. 

Communicating with parents is something that I feel confident in doing. Check out my separate blog post all about effective communication and what I have learnt over the past few months. 


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